Maximized Network Security, each client connecting to the wireless network goes through a strict authentication process to ensure maximum security.
AT-x610-24Ts-60 - 24 Port Gigabit Advanged Layer 3 Switch w/ 4 SFP.
For each AP, it also sets a transmitter output power strong enough for RF signals to reach wireless clients yet weak enough to minimize interference with other wireless devices RF signals.As wireless users roam around the office using wireless equipment, they may change their connection from AP.By running an Internet browser on any PC connected to the network and james slotegraaf typing in an IP address of a managing switch, administrators can view the topology map and pinpoint the locations of the AP and the switch itself.Adaptable Wireless, most of the current wireless LAN controllers architecture requires wireless traffic to return to the controller for centralized processing, causing unnecessary traffic delay.Authorizations stay with users wherever they roam because all deployed DWS-3024/3024L/3026 switches share stored information, ensuring secure access and connectivity to the right services. .

The switch maintains a centralized database of wireless users access information such as their MAC addresses and authentication keys. .
Designed for distributed deployments in the wiring closet, each switch can support up to 24 or 48 wireless access points. .
In addition to checking the identity of a connecting user from the switchs local database, user authentication policies can be sent to an external radius server for complete verification.
This fast roaming process results with disruption-free, reliable wireless connectivity crucial for mobile applications such as Wi-Fi IP phone and wireless PDA connection.
AT-x610-24Ts-POE - 24 Port PoE Gigabit Advanged Layer 3 Switch w/ 4 SFP.When the number of AP is augmented, up to 4 switches can be added to form a large mobility domain.AT-8000S/48POE-50 - 48 Port POE Stackable Managed Fast Ethernet Switch with Two 10/100/1000T / SFP Combo uplinks, POE.With easy expansion, Gigabit speed to support next-generation high-speed AP, and packet routing to support enterprise-wide inter-subnet roaming, the switch provides an architecture that unifies and simplifies an otherwise complex wlan environment, readily prepares an existing network for future technology upgrades.Through a centralized management platform, network maintenance and configuration become a more efficient process. .Whether the client is an assigned user, a visiting guest, or a client with only department access, the switch protects the entire network infrastructure with numerous security mechanisms, including: WEP data encryption, 802.1X user authentication, and 802.11i standard WPA/WPA2 security, Captive Portal and MAC Authentication.AT-x510-28GPX-50 - 24 x 10/100/1000T plus 4 x SFP 10G Stackable Switch, PoE.With 802.3af PoE integrated into every port, the switch allows connected APs to be located at places difficult to access from AC power sources. .AT-8000S/16 - 16 Port Managed Fast Ethernet Switch with One 10/100/1000T / SFP Combo uplinks, Silent operation.Scalable Expansion Unifed Wired/Wireless Deployment.