Tinker your own comic hero and conquer the top of the Hall of Honor!
You want to maximize your mushroom chances in the early stages of the game.
It makes it easier to buy stats, which are then needed to complete better quests.
Q: When should I use potions?The other two attributes are worth about 10 of your primary attribute.Official Shakes Fidget account.More SF game features: * 8 selectable races and fourclasses * PvP against other real players * Thousands of weapons and magical equipment * Exciting quests and creepy dungeons * Fully customizable character image in comic look * Parody of mmorpg like World of Warcraft.(Good guide for the gameplay, but probably too long to read: p?t6986 level 1-3: Edit (Do not buy a mount yet).It drastically improves your questing results.It is optimal to buy cons, primary attribute, and eternal life potions whenever they become available.Honor does not help your character other than the achievement stats.Gryphon doubles the amount of quests you can do over 14 days.The biggest update in Shakes and Fidget's history is live now: - Build your own fortress!

EXP always outclasses gold, but if you take quests with high EXP reward only, you will fall behind eventually, leading to losses from low levels.
Accept quests, master exciting adventures, level up, collect gold, obtain honor, be "overpowered" and become a living legend!
Level 10-30: Edit Always take the quest that gives a superior item or a dungeon key first.
Edit, a: Because the epic drops from dungeon monsters are rare (25 it is expected that you do not get an epic item.
You can do this by clicking hall of fame and then guild.Edit, a: Do not purchase any items that cost mushroom(s).Cookie Use and, data Transfer outside the.Try to keep cons about 60-80 of your primary attribute.Edit, nsrf slot 2017 a: Arena is fun but it is not a good source of income.Eg: If you're a mage, the importance of stats goes in this order: Intelligence, constitution, defence/ evasion, q: What should I buy from the weapon or magic shop?With raptor mount: Take the quest with the best exp/time ratio.Guilds Edit Try to join a guild with exp/gold bonus as soon as possible starting level 9-10.