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In Northeast Florida, Lawyers in Libraries will launch during that and continue into 2014.
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Address: Phone: (904) 998-1997, hours: Mon: 10:30am-9pm, tue: 10:30am-9pm, wed: 10:30am-9pm.
For many, the library may be their only access to legal information, which is often the case for low-income individuals.In the 4th Circuit and throughout the country, the week includes observances that recognize the service of pro bono attorneys and draw attention to the increased need for pro bono legal services.We don't juegos de dinero 99 know if Lou Bono understood all this, but one thing's for sure: he knew how to cook authentic southern bar-b-q.When Lou Bono fired up the pits of his first restaurant in Jacksonville back in 1949, little did he know that his food would.I am told to walk away from this and start slot it car kits new because I wont get alimony.Java:461) at at at at at at at at at at rseNext(HttpParser.Later through discovery, looking at clerk records online documents my husband signed for a builder in en a document with a womans name after the home was built.Time had gone by and I did re-marry.

"Lawyers in Libraries" is sponsored by Florida Legal Services Inc., The Standing Committee on Pro Bono Legal Service of The Florida Bar, The One Campaign, the Florida Pro Bono Coordinators Association, the Florida Library Association and the State of Florida Division of Library and Information.
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The goal of "Lawyers in Libraries" is to have enough attorneys to make presentations in every main library in every county throughout ny branch libraries will also be served.
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