To achieve basic scientific literacy in this age of biotechnology one needs to know what DNA's famous double helix structure looks like in three dimensions and what its constituent parts are, because the key to how DNA works in living organisms is its structure.
Care has been taken to give the model the correct handedness (right, not left, as in so many erroneous depictions base pairs per turn, and a visual representation of DNA strand polarity.
We may be biased, but even after many months of working on OnScreen DNA Model, we still think it's fun to play with and still enjoy looking at this beautiful natural geometrical form rotating on our screen.
With readily accessible background material on DNA (and its molecules and chemical bonds OnScreen Model is designed to introduce or review DNA structure, including details that are often skipped over or inadequately explained, such as the major and minor grooves.
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Then the strands can online mobile casino no deposit bonus uk recombine in a satisfying display of bonds reforming and strands rewinding.
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