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"InnovationNet: the Art of bono de fundador ejemplo Creating and Benefiting from Innovation Networks".
Hats may be used in some structured sequence depending on the nature of the issue.
Extra information, the coloured hats are used as metaphors for the various states of mind.A number of these goals have been included in the materials that support the franchise training of the six thinking hats method, however, it is often necessary to adapt these for individual purposes.Blue Hat : The organizing Blue Hat sets objectives, outlines the situation, and defines the problem in the beginning of the meeting and returns at the end to summarize and draw conclusions.The blue hat tends to be the outward-looking, leader/trail blazing hat that attracts the leaders of all groups.Next the discussion may move to the ( Yellow then) Green hat in order to generate ideas and possible solutions.Blue what is the subject?9 Even with good courtesy and clear shared objectives in any collaborative thinking activity there is a natural tendency for "spaghetti thinking" where one person is thinking about the benefits while another considers the facts and.The 6 hats and the perspectives they represent are: White (Observer) White paper; Neutral; focus on information available, objective facts, what is needed, how it can be obtained.Six Thinking Hats has become part of our team psyche and we take the work out into our organization. .

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Here is an example agenda for a typical 6 hats workshop: Step 1: Present the facts of the case (.
Most of us tend to see the world through a single, fixed lens.
We are far simulador de probabilidades poker more accustomed to shooting down ideas than seeking the positive attributes to them.
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ABB was able to reduce a series of multinational project meetings from 30 days to 2 days.I was so moved by the concept that I also bought de Bonos book de Bonos Thinking Course to further study the concept.But we arent always aware of these feelings and, if we are aware, we often arent comfortable sharing them with others.Competencies enabling them to solve problems including the ability to: identify a problem propose alternative solutions predict the consequences of each alternative assess the usefulness of each set of consequences select the best alternative implement it evaluate it, competencies enabling them to identify and pursue.In each of these directions the brain will identify and bring into conscious thought certain aspects of issues being considered (e.g.The purpose of devils advocacy is to deliberately challenge an idea: be critical, look for what is wrong with.A number of these are included in the materials provided to support the franchised training of the six hats method; however it is often necessary to adapt them to suit an individual purpose.