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"Putting on my blue hat, I feel we should do some more green hat thinking at this point." In technical terms, the blue hat is concerned with meta-cognition.
One of the techniques is Provocation which de Bono touches on in the short video below.Brainstorming was originated by Alex Osborne.Figure under what circumstances there would be direct value.The brain is not designed to think creatively but to set up routine patterns of perception and behavior and to make sure we do not deviate from these.For example, someone might say: "Wearing my red hat, I think that idea is exciting.I first suggested it many years ago and various people have borrowed the process since then.

In any patterning system there is an absolute and logical need for something like lateral thinking in order to cut across patterns.
There are five formal ways of getting movement: Extract a principle or feature and work glue70 casin remix lyrics forward from that.
In 1987, I did a lot of work for the industrial products division of DuPont.
The first difficulty is to get time and space for creative thinking."Creative thinking - in terms of idea creativity - is not a mystical talent.It is a skill that can be practiced and nurtured.".With lateral thinking, however, there is no storyteller to make the jump for.Creativity is a skill, not just a matter of individual talent (therefore it can be learned).Rather than explaining the Six Hats in detail here, simply watch the video below where.So we believe it is sufficient to be crazy and free and nonjudgmental.I would also like to point out that creativity does not have to be a group activity.Creativity involves "thought experiments." You cannot tell in advance how the experiment is going to turn out.Creative thinking is different from normal thinking.We've done virtually nothing about thinking since the days of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.It is precisely this misconception about creativity that has done so much damage and has held back the development of creativity for at least two decades.Beneficial Effects What sort of effects would one expect from training in creative thinking?