This method will work slot machines Gaminator: CoolFire.
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Do not forget to turn the power off of the gaming machine!
We offer program for insertion of viral code (code bug) in the software slot machine Gaminator (Novomatic Igrosoft, Mega Jack.Dolphins Pearl : MultiGaminator HotSpotPlatinum; version:.6 -.7; Bonus and Gamble.This was a battery-powered small light device attached to a wire, that was inserted through the coin hopper.To use it, the device would be snaked through the payout chute until it tapped a switch.The program automatically creates a firmware "BugDoubling" and generates a sequence of cards (file).This method hacking is based on guessing the color card - black or red.For example, when a slot machine Gaminator gives a prize (win on lines or bonus he odyssey casino bus tours is waiting for the player's choice.You might be able to get a monetary reward for helping the casino out; even tech giants like Google and Facebook pay for reporting significant bugs.Good playing technique is the smartest way to win some money.

After you enter the activator slot machine allows doubling on any color card 20 times in a row.
To be honest, if you can do that, youre probably better off using your talents on another job with coding skills like that!
Simm Flash Progger (Programmer) - this device is intended for erasing and reprogramming simm flash module.To install your corrupt code, youd need to either attach a device to a physical slot machine so your code will upload automatically and change the behaviour of the slot machine though tampering with the games at casinos is illegal.If you have a problem with the recording simm-module, you can always buy from us ready-made.And only after it make a replacement for an opportunity winning gaming machine.With a slot machine that had been coded by him, anyone who inserted a particular sequence of coins, 5 coins, then 2 coins, then 4 coins, etc., would get a payout straight away.When installing the module, observe the the label - "the groove".Though to get access to that information, youd either need to buy a slot machine yourself to study or steal the code from an online vendor neither of which we recommend.Of course the method is not so simple and requires some skill and additional equipment: "Program calculation random number algorithms".I have admirals old ones with 5 games and platinium as well.The entire responsibility for the installation and use of the firmwares (microcircuits) is on you.Upfront we want to say that we dont advocate illegal casino hacking but also recognise the importance of providing good information to casino players.Certainly it was necessary to share with him.In the iron box is located a motherboard Novomatic slot machine.Soon came the cheat code, which Ronald Dale Harris, a software engineer for the Nevada Gaming Commission, invented.That is the challenge is to change a module with the program for bugs.

If you know the starting parameters and inputs involved for slot machines, the outputs become predictable and you can identify patterns (supposedly).