Large landowners on their death have willed whole villages as well as other kinds of property to the religious bequest trust.
In some parts of the country a "king" of the New Year is selected and catered to during the holiday.
Any public activity that would require women to depart from this modest dress in mixed company is expressly forbidden.
The History of Ancient Iran, 1984.One must be prepared to entertain many overnight guests at a moment's notice.Now more than 75 percent of Iranians live in urban areas, deriving their incomes either from manufacturing or from the service sector (currently the largest sector of the economy).En junio de 2005 Intel firmó un acuerdo con.Public architecture has always been the essence of biruni in Iran.J., and Mehdi Abedi.Even if a mother is diffident about marriage brokering, she is obliged to "clear the path" for a marriage proposal.

In the normal course of training a young man attends a religious school.
"The Politics of Gender and Development in the Islamic Republic of Iran." Journal of Developing Societies, 13: 5668, 1992.
The musical system consists of twelve modal units called dastgah.
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These percentages appear to have increased somewhat following the Revolution.
Tribes of Iran, 1988.