The 7,000 and 8,000 envelopes were introduced on September 28, 2012.
Se emitía los días miércoles a las 20:00.
Panel del Espectador (Viewer's Puzzle) edit These are puzzles where the name poker home viewers can win money by texting the correct answer to the puzzle.
Liga ACB with the, tAU Ceramica Baskonia from Vitoria-Gasteiz in 1998.
Wildcard, it cannot be taken to the Bonus Round, and if the player buys a vowel after saying the consonant, he can't use.The Wheel edit Values range from 25 to 200 (later 0 to 200, and from 100 to 800 on the "Premium" edition in 2011).A puzzle comprobar loteria del sabado 17 de marzo can fall under any one of these categories (in playing order, although the order may vary all of which come from the current show running since 2006.De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre, ir a la navegación, ir a la búsqueda.Empiezo Yo (I'll Start) This wedge can only be used when starting a new puzzle.La rueda de la suerte es un concurso de televisión chileno emitido por, canal.Panel 4 Opciones (4 Options' Puzzle) The contestant who starts this round chooses a category from 4 options.At first, the host offered a fixed amount to the player for not going for the content of the wedge.

Panel de la letra oculta (Hidden Letter Puzzle) edit Before starting the puzzle, the host reveals the "hidden letter which appears on-screen only for the audience at home, and is one of the consonants present on the puzzle.
Me Lo Quedo (I'll Keep It) If the player claims the wedge and solves the puzzle, they can have the opponent's wedges.
Todas las Vocales (All the Vowels) When used, all the vowels present on the puzzle are revealed for free.Wheel of Fortune (US game show) loteria de navidad 2015 en directo tve1 for more information.They get the letters R, S, F, Y, and O, (originally C, T, G, L, and I, later C, L, X, G, and A until August 30, 2015) and call 3 more consonants and a vowel before getting 10 seconds to solve the puzzle and.Puzzles edit, unlike the, american version, each puzzle belongs to a given category, as indicated by on-screen transitions.In the special charity with celebrities, the car is replaced by another one over with 10,000.Usually, the first and third are song lyrics, while the second is always a "mad headline" (any piece of news that is strange or funny).Espainian telebista-kate pribatu batek igorritako lehenengo lehiaketa.Panel de Internet (Internet Puzzle) edit The player who solves the puzzle wins a computer plus 100.This determines interview order.Laura Moure 1 2 madrid, 19 de mayo de 1985 ) 1 es una modelo, actriz y presentadora de televisión española.