Chat commands: /who Write this and the guildname to see who is online from the guild you seek /group Write this to chat with your current group in a flashpoint for example /ops Write this to chat with your ops /g Write this to chat.
BSG A special form of cartel packs that contain different rare items.
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Usually, though not always in a 2:1:1 ratio.
It can be disabled with a white acute module.AFK Away from keyboard, mT or wc (Miss tell, wrong chat) Used when someone posts something in wrong chat asking the viewers to ignore what was previously written." A player might write this when the player is ready for a invite.Used by many hardcore players and guilds.Usually said to a winning team or one that put up a valiant or enjoyable fight.MM - Master Mode (formerly known as Nightmare Mode NiM designed for only the best of the best to complete.LAG / Latency The time it takes for information to travel between the computer and the server.PTS Public Test Server, a place where upcomming content is tested.Squelched It happens when someone spams the chat with the same message, you get the message " You are squelched".This only works with random groupfinders and not warzones.

SI Sith Inquisitor, sin Assassin (AC of SI sorc Sorcerer (AC of SI).
Pop Groupfinder or PvP popup dialog box inviting the player to join the match / flashpoint.
For examples increasing run speed, or an ability to cast heals on the move.BM Battlemaster (unlikely to hear this anymore, but it does bonus project 5 dvd full mega pop up every now and again) WH War Hero (unlikely to hear this anymore, but it does pop up every now and again) DR Dark Reaver Inc Incoming #W # West #E # East #S.It stands for Bronze, Silver, Gold.PUG Pick up group (a group with random players usually found with groupfinder or recruited at fleet) Pre-made A group that is recruited by the team before the OPS, FP or Warzone.LFM Looking for more, rDPS Ranged DPS, mDPS Melee DPS.CR / Creds Credits.