past simple bingo esl

Give each team one point for each correctly formed (and spelled!) past verb.
Bring in a poker bitcoin cash rubber ball (or use a small eraser, a scrunched-up ball of paper, or anything else thats light and safe to throw) and let the game begin! .
Relay races are quick and easy to do, and they get your students moving!The center square can be a free space, if you wish.Note: Most boards will clearly show which spots have been erased, thus making it easier for students to remember which numbers have already been chosen.Spelling Game, practice Irregular verbs spelling with, spelling Game, practice 30 regular and irregular verbs with.Have people's poker a master grid for yourself that you can refer to with ten base verbs and ten corresponding past forms (use the list below for ideas) filled into the grid (one verb per square, with the order mixed up).If only all past verbs were that easy!Cut up the verbs from the list (one set for each group) or make your own verb cards.

Higher-level students must complete two lines.
You can also choose if you should correct any mistakes or if another student should.
Mix up the verb cards and arrange them facedown in a rough square pattern.
Make a copy of a blank Bingo card for each student.
Author: ESL Kids World Created Date: out of 1, recommended, view more.It always goes over well and gets the whole casino europa online class involved.Continue until a student yells Bingo!Title past simple bingo.Target Structure, target Vocabulary, directions, view all worksheets made by iriska.Arrange students into small groups (groups of three or four work well).Digital redistribution of materials, in part or in whole, is strictly forbidden!