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3) The matters of second, fourth, fifth and sixth respondents were consolidated (after conciliation) into the first matter, some as a result of my ruling and others by agreement.
Furthermore, the partner has no say over the drivers deactivation or other controls implemented by Uber.
The matter was argued before me for a full day on 6) This decision is accordingly based on the evidence on affidavit and the arguments submitted in writing and argued orally.
40) No single test is decisive, nor even consistently preferred by our courts, although control or supervision have activar bono 3 gigas yoigo repeatedly emerged as the most helpful determinants.
In my view, the tests used to distinguish between employees and independent contractors have become largely unhelpful, and in many instances key aspects of the tests point to employment, and others point to independent contracting.Winnie Everett senior commissioner 1 The bundles are voluminous and this decision was written under tight time constraints.These programs also help those who are elderly, disabled, the victims of domestic violence, enlisted in the military or in other special circumstances that might bingo de oro millonario 2017 otherwise make obtaining counsel difficult.Importantly, the definition excludes independent contractors.It is at this point that drivers engage and occasionally negotiate.Similarly, most of the factors in section 200A embody the same tests, and the presence of any one (along with earnings below the threshold) triggers the presumption of who is an employee in terms of the Labour Relations Act.This involves a proper interpretation of the Labour Relations Act and the Constitution and application of the Code of Good Practice: Who is an employee?2 The counter-argument is that this falls into the scope of the legislature to determine and again, the reply is that the legislature has already done so in the form of the amendments to the LRA and in provision for the Code of Good Practice.The Code identifies various factors to be taken into account, and these factors are actually an embodiment of the various tests.Ruling 62) The ccma has jurisdiction to determine the dismissal disputes referred by Uber drivers as they are employees of Uber SA for the purposes of the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1195 as amended.

The right to challenge ones dismissal by referring a dispute to the ccma may result in time spent defending itself at ccma processes, but employers with far fewer resources manage this as part of the cost of doing business.
Background 9) All the respondents, bar the third respondent, are drivers or partner-drivers for Uber.
46) Uber argued that partners control their drivers.
Drivers ability to earn an income is dependent on access to the app and the ability to drive.
If she accepts, the driver collects the rider and at that point discovers the destination.If one equates deactivation with dismissal, Uber already has a policy setting out the reasons for deactivation, much like a companys disciplinary policy.Excellence, labour, snyman Attorneys provide you with benchmark labour attorney services, giving you an added advantage in any case.51) I reject Ubers argument that the partner is the drivers employer, or that the rider contracts the driver directly as an independent service provider.The partner may deduct a fee for use of his vehicle and the driver receives the balance from the partner.For example, the driver is required to electronically sign new policies and contracts before she may drive.48) These factors indicate that the driver is by no means independent or running her own transportation business.