simple past bingo

Mix up the verb cards and arrange them facedown in a rough square pattern.
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I cant find my pen.
Sarah ate a sandwich for lunch.
In English, the simple past tense is formed by adding -ed to the end of the regular verbs.Write two (or more, if you want more than two teams) columns of base verbs from the list on the board before class starts.It is a useful material for consolidating.If that student gets a match (by turning over a base verb that matches the past form of that verb he/she can keep the pair of paper slips.If the two boxes create a match (base verb past verb leave the verbs written in the boxes and give that team a point.Arrange students into small groups (groups of three or four work well).Continue until a student yells Bingo!

Divide the students into two teams.
Choose an irregular verb and say the base form out loud.
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Have a master grid for yourself apuestas de tenis para hoy that you can refer to with ten base verbs and ten corresponding past forms (use the list below for ideas) filled into the grid (one verb per square, with the order mixed up).
They did their homework after class.Sometimes the vowel changes ( come came sometimes the pronunciation changes ( read read and sometimes the whole word changes ( eat ate ).Those students who have the word on their cards can cross it out.I think someone took.Level Elementary, activity notes, this fun activity combines grammar, spelling, and listening practice.The student must catch the ball and say the past form.If theres no match, the student must turn the slips over again and place them back in the same place.Not an ESL Library member?If they dont match, erase both boxes and repeat the process with a student from team.Bingo is another classic, popular game thats easy to adapt for irregular verb review.