For the rest of the cases, it is best to hit.
For instance, if you get dealt a seven and an eight, you have a hard fifteen.
There are two basic types of hands namely hard and soft hands.In theory, this is how soft hands are defined.Furthermore, nowadays most casinos offer a huge diversity of blackjack tables which feature different betting limits.If his/her up card is any different, you have to hit instead and try to improve your total as the dealer is in a better position than you are.

It's much like having a second chance if you end up with what would normally be a stiff hand in the hard hand category.
With anticipation on possible outcomes that come from specific actions, your chances of having an advantage over the casino increases as you could be in a position to think ahead of the dealers corresponding turn.
Lets take a moment to consider a concrete example where you hold A-2 against a dealer with an upcard.
This way, you have the chance to form two separate hands which have a good chance of making a decent total, providing aliens slot netent that each one receives an eight.In order to be able to determine the type and the total of your hand, you first need to get familiar with the way the cards are counted.Lets assume that the dealer has a strong up card and you decide to improve your hand by hitting.The strategy for soft eighteen is a bit more complicated as it calls for three different moves, depending on the up card of the dealer.You pull small cards 4, 5, or 6 which give you nice totals of 19, 20,.You draw a 7, an 8, a 9 or one of the ten-value cards (10, como jugar ala ruleta y ganar King, Queen, or Jack) and end up with hard totals of 12 through.This is so because hitting soft 17 is always better than standing, both for the dealer and the player.

The logic behind this move is that by having such hands, you are placed in an extremely favorable position and any other decision would lead to much more disadvantageous circumstances and outcome.