With Latin jazz, and jazz-influenced salsa, the chord progression might extend to eight or even sixteen claves, but the basic rhythmic cell keeps repeating every clave.
For the land, see, la Timba.
Some say that the new music is cruzado incorrectly "crossed" to clave and the great art of arranging music in-clave is being lost.5: 21) 24 Bakuleye edit Bakuleye, known as a magic wand that awakens a deity living under the Earth, is another popular band in Cuba known for its timba.There was also a reaffirmation of the Cuban identity.It is amazing how the bass and piano have evolved in Cuba, and that is not something that stops.The horns were also part of the new paradigm.

The Roots of Piano Tumbao.
Paulito wrote almost all of his material and had a brilliant chemistry with arranger Juan Ceruto and his all-star rhythm section, bingo de les taules de multiplicar resulting in some of the most intricate and original arrangements of the 1990s.
And an incredibly powerful and creative rhythm section.
Because timba is highly aggressive and a challenge to dance to some Cuban bands in search of a broader audience have intentionally made music that a majority of Latinos will find easy to dance to, mixing Latino staples such as salsa, merengue, and romantic ballads.
In salsa, the bass tumbao is ore (2010:.Felix, Cigarroa Asociados.C.I call it the "asymmetrical coro".Dance Performances with MC Isaac Kos-Read 10:30.m.The following example is Calixto Oviedo's funky drumset pattern for a type of high-energy breakdown known as presión.Doors and Bar Open - Music by DJ Dark Rum and DJ Gato Volador 9:00.m.5: 22) Moore (2010:.3 Cuban Piano Tumbaos."Club Nickerena" Cocktail Party in Hospitality Suite (Room 285) Sunday, February 17th - Night Party Performances Hotel Whitcomb main ballroom 6:30.m.Retrieved "Presentations and Authors".after which the bassist would begin to slide his or her right hand down the low string of the bass in a distinctive pattern, with the percussionists simultaneously changing their patterns to a pre-determined combination that works with the bass to create the tembleque-inducing bomba.17 NG La Banda edit Though NG La Banda had huge successes in the early 1990s, and is credited with being the first timba band, the band's fortunes have been mixed, partly because they remain highly experimental.The Emergence of Timba (pp.