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The queen founded on the 28th November 1737 Valloe Trust, as a self governing institution.
Queen Sophia Magdalene who in 1737 founded the, noble Vallø Foundation for Unmarried Daughters (da.
Vallø Castle, the beautiful and majestic castle is in a big forest belonging to the estate.
In 1893 the castle burnt down, but the outer walls resisted the fire and were used in the rebuilding.
The history of the castle is known from the 13th century.Next to castle and its park there is a cluster of historic houses arranged around a street known as Vallø Castle Street (da.Frederick IV who passed it on to, anne Sophie Reventlow.The new rules of the trust encourage local social work and helping charities.1 Apart from agriculture and forestry, the revenues derive from house rental, the inn, a campground located close to Køge, 2 and hiring-out of hunting areas, The castle still provides housing for women of the Danish nobility but since 1976 admission to the residences.In Christen Skeel's time of ownership, from 1638 to 1659, the castle was expanded to three storeys and the west wing extended.The ladys lived in flats in the castle and were expected to do social work in the surrounding area.

The castle was devastated by fire in 1893 but restored largely to its old design by Hans Jørgen Holm between 18Vallø Castle Street Park and surroundings edit The park was turned into a Romantic landscape garden in 1830 but retains elements from the former French.
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In 1976 the possibility of enrollment ceased, but in 2004 the Valloe foundation resumed the enrollment of noble damsels.The original trusts purpose was to support unmarried daughters of Danish noble familys if they were enrolled in the trust.Building edit, vallø Castle.Last updated by, visitSydsjælland-Møn.From 1554 to 1651 it was divided into two separate estates, West Vallø and East Vallø.The estate also owns a variety of other houses spread out across the surrounding countryside.Vallø consists of four wings with robust towers and is surrounded by a moat.The south wing, with its robust corner towers, and the south end of the west wing were built from 1580 to 1586 by Mette Rosenkrantz, one of the richest women in Denmark of her day.Det Adelige Stift Vallø for ugifte døtre ).Georg David Anthon in 1765.In 1731 King, christian VI passed the property.In 1708 Vallø was acquired by King.1, a three-winged building designed by, lauritz de juego blackjack gratis giochi Thurah was built in the courtyard from 1735 to 1738.The north wing was built.The building of the castle was finished in 1586 by Mette Rosenkrantz, with the addition of a west and south wing and the two characteristic towers.

After the death of the king in 1730 Anna Sophie was banished to Clausholm and the new King Christian VI gave Valloe Estate to his queen Sophie Magdalene.
Johan Cornelius Krieger in 1721.